Irish Voyageurs

Booking and Pricing

Day Trips: For a group of up to 11 people, would normally start early morning and finish late afternoon. Bring your own pack lunch (we could provide at extra cost). Using two canoes we can cater for up to 22 people at one time. For locations other then the Bann we would need to charge extra.
Price: 150 (1 canoe - up to 11 people), 300 (2 canoes - up to 22 people)

Overnight trips: For a group of 4+ people. We provide food, tents and camping materials. Would generally start on the morning of the first day and finish afternoon on the last. Each canoe can carry up to 7 people plus the camping equipment.
Price: 240 per day for 4 persons. 10 extra for additional people up to 7.
Second canoe (for groups up to 14) at the same rate.
e.g. a three day trip for 7 people would be 3 x (240 + 30) = 810
a 4 day trip for 9 people (2 canoes, 1 extra person) would be 4 x (480 + 10) = 1960.

Travel arrangements
We can arrange pick up for Northern Ireland trips from any of the following at a cost of 20 per person: (discount for groups):
Belfast City Airport, Belfast International (Aldergrove) Airport, Larne Harbour (P&O), Belfast Harbour (Stena Line, Seacat, Norse Irish Ferries), Ballycastle (Caledonian).
For the Shannon or Barrow contact us about any arrangements you need.

To make a booking contact:
Billy Montgomery, Telephone: 028 2563 1730
Tyrone Currie, Telephone 028 4278 8024
Phil McKee, Telephone: 028 2954 0844