Connemara Catamarans

Tyrone Currie
29a Portaferry Rd.
N. Ireland BT22 2RX

Tel: 028 4278 8024

Workshop and Table
Assembling Hulls
Hull Bulkheads
Bridgedeck Floor
Completing shell
Cost and Time Estimates

Background: This site describes the building of a Derek Kelsall designed 46 ft catamaran from an original idea to (hopefully) completion. The thought of building a cruising catamaran first came to me while trekking in Patagonia as a youth leader with Raleigh International. I was wondering what to do with my life when I returned to my native N. Ireland after Raleigh. Having enjoyed the experience of living in the wilderness so much was looking for something with the same feeling of adventure and exploration and self reliance. What better than to sail around the world, and if I was going to live on a boat for a number of years then it just had to be a home build. Why ? For love of the creative process and producing something that is beautiful and works, for financial reasons (I just couldn't afford to buy a custom build and 2nd hand doesn't appeal) but also for the fun of turning up in some distant port and having a good answer to the question: where did you get that lovely boat ?

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