Connemara Catamarans

Workshop and Table
Assembling Hulls
Hull Bulkheads
Bridgedeck Floor
Completing shell
Cost and Time Estimates

Cost and time estimates
Our original cost estimates were made before any work started. It is early days yet but 130,000 for materials doesnt look too far off to date.

I started the actual construction in August 2003. So did about 3 months work in 2003 and 8 months in 2004. I have worked on average perhaps 4 days a week full time and had an assistant for about half of that during 2003/4 , so approximately 260 man days of work till end 2004.

2005 two of us worked for 7 months, another 280 man days.
Total 540 man days to date.

2006 Jonty worked for 9 months, I did nearer 11. 385 man days.
Total 925 man days to date.
Our painter worked for 10 days, we have stainless and upholstery in progress.

Costings are only updated to last year.