Connemara Catamarans

Completing Shell
At the beginning of 2006 there was just the cockpit area to finish off. This took us a few weeks ant then for the rest of the year we were working on finishing off the exterior to prepare for painting and working on the interior.
The cockpit was simple enough and was soon complete. After much rdiscussion we settled on making the davits from carbon poles, set into the rear cockpit coming. To strengtehen them for load bearing we epoxied kevlar rope around and over the foreward ends.
Fairing the hull ready for painting was a much more painstaking job. It took several weeks of hard grind to get it to a reasonable standard - the main hulls were easy enough as they had been gell coated on the table and had a good finish, however the rest of the boat required unending hours of hard work, much of it hand sanding. We had deceided to get a professional paint sprayer in and the arrangement was we would get the primer coat on with roller and brush, he would then come and spray the undercoat and finish. When the primer went on (topsides only, the hulls didnít need it) much to my dismay it revealed a whole new level of humps and holes. Two of us spent about another two months sanding anf filling before she was ready for spraying. We used two-pack International for the primer and undercoat, and two coats of Devthane for the finish, all of which I was very happy with.

Workshop and Table
Assembling Hulls
Hull Bulkheads
Bridgedeck Floor
Completing shell
Cost and Time Estimates

We have a slight V in the cockpit floor to assist self draining into the footwell. At the back is cave storage. We have changed the original Kelsall design to box in the whole cockpit, for blue water cruising it makes the whole area safer and should also stiffen up the whole structure.

Cockpit almost complete. The headroom box gives us more room in the main cabins and provides for two levels of seating along the side of the cockpit.

Gutter on the coachroof will work as a rainwater catcher.

Mock up of console and helm seat. Cant wait to get out on the water, only another 18 months to go ...

Inboard ends of the davits, you can just see the red kevlar rope which has been wrapped around the carbon pole and epoxied to the bulkheads.

Jonty fairing around the stern bulkhead.

Spray painting. Andy, our painter, is actually inside the stowage bay.